Frequently asked questions

When can I use my Pratercard / When is the Prater open?

THe main season of the Prater is from 15. March to 31. October. During this time the Prater is generally open daily (free entrance!) depending on weather conditions. Generally most attractions will be open between 11am and 10pm. During summer most attractions will open a little earlier and stay open until midnight.
Between 1. November and 14. March the Prater will only be open partly. During the Winter Market (details see some attractions will be open daily (weather permitting).

Where can I find the terms & conditions?

Here you will find the terms & conditions. The german version is the legally binding.

I lost my Pratercard - what to do?

If you registered your Pratercard in our webshop ( you can download a digital version of your Pratercard which you can keep on using. You can also e-mail us and have the Pratercard disabled. We can supply a new one (derlivery via post).
If you did not register your Pratercard we can not disable your Pratercard or supply a digital copy. For further information or assistance e-mail us at

Terms & Conditions

Where can I recharge my Pratercard?

Online in our Webshop or at any point of sale.

How will my Pratercard be delivered? (webshop purchases only)

Generally we delivery using the postal services. This may take up to 6 business days within Austria. For other countries it can take longer!
If you choose the option “digital delivery” you will receive your Pratercard as a printable PDF via e-mail. This option is recommended for customers outside of Austria.

How can I order the Pratercard for a group/company?

For group and company enquiries e-mail us at, we will be glad to assist you.

How long is the Pratercard valid?

The Pratercard is valid until 31. December of the purchase year plus two years. The validity will always be prolonged due to the last recharge.

How can I check my current balance?

As a registered used you can check the balance of your Pratercard in our Webshop. The points of sale can also check the balance of your Pratercard.

My Pratercard doesn’t work - what to do?

E-Mail us at with a picture of your Pratercard and your card number clearly visible, we will assist you.





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